The BIG mistake most fitness studios are making without even realizing it…

15November 2020

The BIG mistake most fitness studios are making without even realizing it…

…is relying on ‘word of mouth’ to drive your business. 

Let that sink in a minute.

If that thought immediately set your mind racing, let me provide you some proof. 

I use to belong to a fantastic gym. The memories of this gym will always be in my heart. 

This is a gym where a very skinny middle-aged working man (me) walked into one day, with a vision that he will finally commit to getting in shape.

The gym was not your big-box chain type of gym. The owner was on-site daily as a fitness coach and interacting with clients as they come and go. 

It was small enough to not be too crowded and big enough to have all the equipment you needed for any fitness routine.

But what made it truly special, was the members. Everyone seemed to know everybody else. This really made you less timid amongst other members as it felt more like family. 

In the 1980s sitcom Cheers, the theme song states “you wanna go where everybody knows your name.” 

This family-feel literally made me want to go every day. I’m typically a quiet, keep to myself guy in public but at this gym, I could be myself. I could joke, laugh, share stories about the day… 

I loved to go there and never expected that one day this all would be taken from my life. 

The desk clerk often speculated that he couldn’t figure out why the owner doesn’t advertise. He had suggested to the owner on multiple occasions his thoughts on getting the name out in the community. 

I’d tell people where I workout and every time they would ask “where is that?” as they never heard of it before.

To help the struggling gym, I tried to do my part by referring friends and coworkers but was not successful. 

Then one day after work, I parked the car and walked up to the door to find a sign that stated… 


I was devastated. This family of gym rats that was part of my daily life had abruptly ended… without even getting to say goodbye.

To think that your gym can survive on referrals alone is simply a ridiculous and bad business judgment. 

YOU OWE IT TO YOUR GYM MEMBERS to make better choices and get a steady flow of new members and profits to sustain your business. 

Don’t waste your time with gimmick offers of a free session or referral bonus. If no one is seeing it, this won’t make a difference.

Hire a professional that specializes in advertising for fitness and get your business PROFITABLE again. 

The COST of NOT doing this is too SEVERE! 

Be smart. Show your clients you care about them. Invest in the future of your business before it’s too late!

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