How Gyms Miss Out on the Personal Trainer Sale

15August 2020

How many of you have ever used a personal trainer? 🖐

If you have not used a trainer, tell me why?

Here has been my experience: 

I am a very loyal consumer when it comes to my gym membership. 

I have been a member of 3 gyms over the years.

With all of the time I have been in the gym, I have never been asked about my interest in having a personal trainer. 

Even if a front desk clerk would have suggested to me that I get a trainer I would have turned them down. 


Because people do not like to be sold. 

People do however like to buy. 

So how do you bridge the gap between the two?

The answer is MARKETING. 

If I am not aware of my need for a trainer, I will not entertain the idea of spending money on one. 

Marketing brings awareness to your current customers and future customers, creating the need and the urgency to make the purchase.

Sounds simple right?


🛑 STOP overthinking it! 

Consult with a MARKETING professional and watch how quickly your schedule fills up!

✅ JUST DO IT!! (example of good Nike marketing, haha)

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