Why Fitness Owners Struggle to Find Clients

15July 2020

“I’m so good, why don’t I have more clients?”

I have heard those words from many fitness professionals and coaches struggling to find clients for their business.

It’s a tough place to be… when you KNOW what you offer is so GREAT and can help so many people…

…but you struggle to get that message out to those that need to see it.

Keep this VERY important point in mind…

Regardless of the product or service that a company has to offer, two factors will always contribute to the success of your business: 

✅ The first factor is marketing (getting your business in front of your target audience). 

✅ The second factor is sales (converting your audience to paying clients). 

So my first question is always, “How do you currently get the message out about your business?” 

🚫 “I have a website, they can find me online.”
🚫 “I get most of my people from referrals.”
🚫 “I post an ad on my Facebook page once in a while.”

…shaking my head 🤦‍♂️. 

You can have the greatest training program or coaching services in the world but if no one knows about you, that doesn’t matter at all.

Websites are a dime a dozen… that’s not the solution if no one can find it. 

With a little bit of work anybody can post an ad on their page (but how effective can it possibly be?). 

An untrained professional is going to STRUGGLE to put the right ad in front of the right audience of people that are more likely to buy.

Let me ask you this… 

If a water pipe breaks in your home and water is leaking everywhere, do you grab a wrench and try to find a way to fix it? 

…while your floor is flooding with water going everywhere?

Or do you call someone who could come out and fix the problem right away before any long-term damage is done? 

If you are making the statement “I am so good why don’t I have more clients”…


and very possibly every minute you leave it broken you are losing money. 

Don’t wait until long-term DAMAGE is done before you call for help! 

Show yourself and your customers how much you value them… 

…how much you value the FUTURE of your business!

You have worked way too hard to get this far and let your business fail.



So what are you waiting for?

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