Are You Building a Castle in the Alps?

1June 2020

Are You Building a Castle in the Alps?

After my visit today to Neuschwanstein Castle in the beautiful Alps of Bavaria, I am in complete awe of my experience. 

The majestic design is reminiscent of a fairy tale from childhood. 

The architecture and massive materials they used to build this so high up the side of the mountain is mind-blowing. 

The interior design of the rooms exemplary of royalty in addition to incorporating the Catholic faith throughout the castle. 

It’s truly sad that the creator of this castle, King Ludwig II of Bavaria only got to spend 11 days inside it before he was arrested and mysteriously killed while in custody a few days later. 

The castle was never completed. 

The government seized it and made it a tourist attraction to recoup the massive amount of debt the King borrowed in making it. 

While the castle was not set to be a business, there is a lesson here. 

Sometimes, as new business owners, we focus so much on the wrong things. 

We try to make everything perfect or spend tons of time and money making things grander then they need to be…

…and we never actually focus on the “action” of conducting the business. 

Many of the most successful owners start small and scale up their businesses. 

This should be the plan for YOUR business. 

Start taking on clients and customers as you build and then refine your business based on the experiences you have with those clients. 

Be sure you have your key best practices in place for your marketing, sales and customer experience. 

Don’t be like “Mad King Ludwig” and miss out on watching your creation/business progress and reach completion/success. 

Take action now. 

Get clients, serve your clients, grow your business over time. 

If done well, over time, you may just get your own ‘Castle’ in the Alps!

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