How much time do you spend figuring SH*T out?

1May 2020

How much time do you spend figuring SH*T out?

My clients (fitness owners) have shared this frustration with me on many occasions.

…but right now, instead of focusing on how much time you spend…

…let’s talk about what it’s COSTING you!

For example: Let’s say, as a fitness coach you make $100 per hour helping your clients.

(I don’t want my or your brain to hurt so we’re keeping it a nice round number.)

Now, let’s say today you spent 3-hour doing paperwork for your business.

…that’s THREE hours that you DO NOT get to spend helping your clients.

So the relative cost of doing that paperwork was $300.

This is called OPPORTUNITY COST …for you non-economic majors!

So now you get to make a decision… 

Do you feel that paperwork was worth $300?

If so, time well spent. 

If not, how will you handle it in the future?

Let’s give another example… sales teams!

Sales and Marketing are typically the biggest drivers of profits in a business.

A wise owner will not be happy if his sales team is spending more time pushing paper then dialing the phones!

…because the opportunity cost of losing a sale is too high

The owner is better suited to just hire a temp to complete that paperwork and keep his team focused on results.

Fitness owners have a lot to deal with and spending more time making money (aka training clients) should be the priority.

So STOP losing money by trying to figure out your marketing on your own.

Start SAVING money by investing your time with your clients instead.

Start MAKING money by letting a professional marketer that knows how to bring you enough clients to increase your profits!

So how much time are YOU wasting on non-essential parts of your business?

..more importantly, how much is it COSTING you?

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