The personal struggle of many FITNESS OWNERS that starts to eat away at them is finding time for their family.

1February 2020

The personal struggle of many FITNESS OWNERS that starts to eat away at them is finding time for their family. 

In fact, many struggle just to take a day off. If that’s you, STOP THIS!!! …and read on..

I’m very guilty of this exact thing. There was a point in my life where I was averaging 16 hour days and working 7 days a week.


It affected everything in my life… well, I had no life at all.

I could barely see my wife, I didn’t see my parents or siblings. I’d miss special occasions with my family… all for ‘the business’. 

I was burning out by burning the candle on both ends. 

Contrary to what many people think, running a business takes a lot of your time. 

While you may have the freedom to be your own boss… you don’t have the freedom to let someone else worry about it when you’re gone.

As many Fitness Owners want to be there for their clients (which is fantastic), you have to draw a line somewhere and maintain the family/work balance.


If you own a studio that is open day and into the night, it’s best to just set your own schedule and stick to it!

Treat it like you’re on an employee’s schedule! 

If you hold yourself accountable to this (and hire the right people to watch your business while you’re away) you will see this major burden get lifted.

Your clients will understand and your employees should maintain the same values as you when you’re not there.

This will keep your family active in your life while maintaining your business and your own mental health.

Before you know it, you may even commit to taking a vacation! 

…I know, I know. Don’t get too far ahead of ourselves. One step at a time.

Are you ready for that step?

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