How do Fitness owners let their customers down…

15January 2020

How do Fitness owners let their customers down…

…even though they know how to avoid it?

Let me explain:

Let’s use a real analogy from my day today to help this make sense. 

I get to Whole Foods after work today for my weekly visit for groceries. I go to Whole Foods because health is important to me and higher quality food trumps price always. 

I get to the meat counter to get my fresh organic chicken breast and they tell me they are currently out, but they should get a shipment tomorrow. 


I don’t know about you, but I have a routine. It’s how I can ensure I stay high level in my results in my personal and my professional life. 

So when something breaks the routine, it can cause utter turmoil and inconvenience in my schedule. 

When I work out 🏋️‍♀️ I likewise have my routine, like so many other gym members. 

So if I go to the gym and expect to use the squat rack for a series of exercises and the rack is out of commission for repairs, it throws off everything.

My timing (now I have to figure out alternatives and plan out routine on the spot)

My effectiveness (less effective exercises)
My results (will take longer to accomplish)
My mood (if all the above are shifted enough, it can seep into my mood)

I’ve experienced this more than once. The bigger frustration is that I’ve seen it take weeks to repair the equipment I use. 


Because the owner doesn’t have the extra funds to get it repaired immediately. 

Operating your fitness studio on a month by month basis is a recipe for disaster… 


Most fitness owners do not do this with intention. 

I’ve found most of the owners genuinely enjoy taking care of the customers and it frustrates them when they cannot live up to their customers’ expectations. 

But they don’t have time to figure a “way out” and avoid being in this FAIL position. 

The answer to their dilemma is simple… they need a steady stream of new cash flow!

The process to get this though, escapes most owners. 

The solution is hiring a professional digital agency. 

You don’t have time for SEO and new websites and referral bonuses. 

If you got 50 to 75 new leads in 60 to 90 days what impact would that have on your cash flow?

Stop wondering and start doing what YOUR customers expect you to do…

Ensure your gym… and your equipment is there for them tomorrow… and every day!

Comment “I’m ready for cash flow” below and start making the RIGHT decisions for your customers!

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