Why do fitness owners still think radio ads and mailings as worthwhile investments?

3January 2020

Why do fitness owners still think radio ads and mailings as worthwhile investments?

It immediately exposes them as not having an effective marketing plan.

Let me provide some clarity, read on…

For those that actually still listen to the radio today (the numbers dwindle yearly), can truly be anyone. From a 15-year-old schoolgirl to an 80-year-old grandma. 

The only “targeting” this provides is the demographic of musical interest.

So is someone that listens to country music likely to join a gym? Who knows??

Radio ads are SUPER EXPENSIVE too. Just a complete waste of money that most do not see an actual positive ROI from.

So fitness owners spend all this money, maybe pick up a client or two and effectively lose money out of their budget they don’t have.

Alternatively, digital marketing… specifically, Facebook ads, when done by a professional, will actually place the ad in front of the person most likely to be interested.

DIRECT TARGETING to the people that want to join!!

It’s a no brainer!

However, Facebook ads are tough to figure out, the algorithm and methods are constantly changing so it is CRITICAL to hire a professional and free up your time to focus on your clients.

If you are struggling as a gym and you are not working with a digital agency, you only have yourself to blame.

Take the first step, sign up for a free strategy session to see if your fitness studio is a fit for our program.

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